Creative linguistic services for Fintech.

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I’m David Pérez Hidalgo, a copywriter, translator and UX writer specialized in fintech. My compelling Spanish copywriting and my expertly crafted translations from English and German help my fintech clients achieve their goals in the Spanish market.

Apart from writing, I also love scuba diving and the underwater world. Both passions have a lot more in common than you might initially think.

The same way I dive deep into the ocean, I also dive deep into the essence of your brand, target audience and products to create the most effective message possible.

To navigate through the bewildering world of online communications, you need a specialist advisor for your digital content. I’ll be your dedicated partner for all of your international campaigns, from localizing marketing and interface messages to translating crucial reports. My translations and original content give you the finest Spanish-language material that attracts customers and gets results.

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It’s time to focus on copy that sells.

Think about your next international campaign and the hours required to prepare its content and delivery.

Wouldn’t it be nice to know someone who can advise not only on the creative content itself, but also on implementation and execution?

Someone who understands how marketing works, can walk you through the process and answer all your questions?

Someone who will tell you when and how best to engage your audience throughout their customer journey?

With three degrees and a specialism honed over 12 years’ experience with big industry names including IBM, Hertz, BASF, Daimler and eBay, I can be that person for you.

Why me? Find out

You are:

A fintech start-up or established company

A software development company that focuses on finance

A marketing agency looking for compelling, specialized copy

A premium translation agency in search of a subject matter expert

Deutsch Spanisch Übersetzer

I am:

A finance and online marketing expert with over 12 years’ experience at big-name firms

A Business Administration, Online Marketing and Translation graduate

A perfectionist with an inquisitive mind and attention to detail

A travel and culture enthusiast with over 30 stamps on my passport

I can help you with:

Specialist finance translation from English and German into Spanish

Copywriting for sales and marketing (websites, sales letters, press releases, content marketing and more)

Proofreading and editing of your Spanish texts

Fintech is a dynamic and fast paced industry.

Don’t get left behind. I can help you to build confidence in your services and establish your brand or maintain your hard-earned reputation.