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6 reasons for hiring a freelance copywriter


6 reasons for hiring a freelance copywriter


freelance copywriter


It’s either hiring a freelance copywriter or getting stepped on by an elephant.

Allow me to explain 🙂

That is almost what happened to me a couple of years ago when I was visiting Phnom Penh, the capital of Cambodia. I had just arrived and was walking around, totally fascinated by the city. It was full of people who had come to celebrate Bon Om Touk, which is a popular Cambodian festival that includes boat races and concerts.

I was so absorbed into what was happening in front of me that, as I wanted to cross a street, a kind soul had to grab me by the arm to stop me from being stepped on by a huge elephant that was trotting along together with all the mopeds and rickshaws!

If you think about it, it’s kind of the same situation with you and your business. You are so busy with your business, so close to it in fact, that you often fail to see the obvious, even if it’s as big as an elephant!

You need someone from the outside world who can look at things objectively and get a fresh perspective on your business.

A freelance copywriter helps you find that special thing about your products and services and develops a solid communication strategy that will help you increase sales and maintain better relationships with your existing clients and partners.


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1. Hiring a freelance copywriter is about results.

The number one reason why you hire a freelance copywriter is to get your customers to take action so that you can achieve your goals. It’s results that count, not winning literature prices with your copy.

It’s nice to have clever sounding copy that makes everyone go wow!, but the main goal of your copy is to sell. If a copywriter is not helping you with your goals, he is not doing his job like he should.

In the age of blogging and self-publishing, anyone can call himself a writer, but not everyone can write effective, sales oriented copy. Before hiring a freelance copywriter, make sure you see samples of his work.

This also includes making sure that your copywriter knows about your products and industry.

The more experience in your industry, the easier it will be to work with him because he will already know your target market and what your competitors are doing. Things will just flow a lot easier.


2. A freelance copywriter helps your business look professional.

Badly written copy can and will make you lose sales. It is as simple as that. Ask yourself this question: would you buy from a website that has misspellings or just simply doesn’t make much sense?

Bad copy is like bad breath. The same way you want to get away as fast as possible from a sales rep with the latter, prospects avoid companies with badly written marketing materials.

A freelance copywriter knows how to tailor powerful marketing messages that are also mistake free and will make you look your best in front of prospects, customers and partners.


3. You will save money by working with a freelance copywriter.

Less and less companies can afford high labor costs. Having employees on payroll is even becoming a luxury for many.

Getting customers as a freelance copywriter is hard work. This is why freelance copywriters give their best whenever they get the chance to work with new customers and treat their existing ones like family.

Working with a freelance copywriter will get you a first class, personalized service that you will not forget.


4. A freelance copywriter is a time-saver.

One of the big pluses of hiring a freelance copywriter is not having to write your own copy. It makes a lot of sense to outsource it because it will save you or your marketing team lots of time that you should be spending on running your business.

But hiring a freelance copywriter is not just about hiring someone who knows how to write copy. It’s also about hiring someone who is capable of understanding your products, services, industry and prospects.

And it’s also about hiring one who understands marketing processes and terminology. A writer with no experience and knowledge in these will need to be hand-held throughout the process and will make you lose your valuable time.

Hiring a freelance copywriter who not only understands your target market and your industry, but who can also interpret a marketing brief and knows about things like buyer personas and marketing funnels is key to a successful experience.


5. You are the number one priority of a freelance copywriter.

Getting new customers is hard for any business, but even more so for freelance copywriters. So getting a new one is a big, big deal. And keeping the ones we already have can be a matter of survival for many of us.

Unlike in a marketing agency, where you keep getting passed on from one account executive to another and response times can be very long, with freelance copywriters the communication ways are short and fast.

It is also very often the case that you never get to speak directly to the copywriter when you work with a marketing agency. Many times, information gets lost and this can lead to misunderstandings.

By working with a freelance copywriter, there are less chances that something like that can happen because you have direct access to the creative.


6. A freelance copywriter gives you a fresh perspective.

Sometimes we are just too close to our own businesses so that we need another set of eyes to find a solution. A freelance copywriter is that new set of eyes that will help you find that big elephant in the room.

Your customers know the elephant, to them it is obvious. That’s why they buy from you! But sometimes business owners and marketing departments get lost in all the nice features their products and services have.

Translating those features into clear benefits to your customers is the copywriter’s job. In other words, the copywriter unveils the elephant to the whole world so that everyone can see how great your products and services are.

A freelance copywriter has the advantage of coming from the outside world and being neutral. Internal politics are not an issue to him so he can bring a fresh perspective to your project.


And, apart from all this, professional copywriters consistently do great work because we simply love our jobs! Nothing better and more refreshing than working with someone who loves his job.

The next time you need copy, give some thought to hiring a freelance copywriter. Even if you have an in-house creative team. You might be surprised at the new insights you gain from the experience.

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