Meet the man behind inboundcopy.

Hi, I’m David Pérez Hidalgo, an expert spanish copywriter, UX writer and translator with over 12 years’ experience  and a knack for boosting my clients’ results in the Spanish market.

With studies in finance, online marketing and translation and a CV including the likes of IBM, Hertz, BASF, Daimler and eBay, I provide finely crafted Spanish copywriting, UX writing and translation services with the added advantage of in-depth industry knowledge.

But my life isn’t all numbers and letters. I also love scuba diving and the underwater world. Both passions have a lot more in common than you might initially think:

The same way I dive deep into the sea, I also dive deep into the essence of your brand, target audience and products to create the most effective message possible.

I’m also an avid photographer and travel enthusiast who has visited over 30 countries and lived in the US, Ireland, Thailand and Germany.

This rare combination of industry experience, language skills and cultural curiosity means that I’m ideally placed to make an impact on your next project. I know what makes your customers tick, and working with me allows you to capitalize on my professional insight and bring in serious business.

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Spanish copywriter, UX writer and translator

Want more reasons to work with me?

I know how to persuade with convincing copy.

I’m not only able to write your content and produce linguistically impressive texts; I can also create texts that sell, convince and convert. I’ve worked in the translation, marketing and finance industries and my content has made an impact in all of them.

My multicultural life experience benefits your content.

I have lived and worked in Germany, the US, Ireland, Thailand and South America and I have visited over 30 countries so far. My cultural compass is perfectly aligned to help your content resonate with your desired audience by speaking their language and, crucially, understanding their culture.

I have a solid professional foundation for creative and informative content.

I know my job - with studies in finance, online marketing and Translation, I combine my unique skill set to provide a unique and highly specialized service for companies who want to succeed with their marketing communications.

I pride myself on a streamlined, personal approach.

I provide the services of a content marketing and translation agency without all the hassle. You don’t get passed from one project manager to the next; you get a personal, attentive service and unique industry expertise.

High-quality language, professional expertise and solid knowledge form the perfect recipe for the compelling content you need in your next campaign.

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