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Man  survives shark attack thanks to wetsuit


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After more than a year without a holiday, Michael decided that he wanted to do something special this last September. But little did he know that his holiday was going  to turn into the most challenging event in his life.

Michael has been an avid surfer for years, so Hawaii was a natural choice for him. He packed his three fin surfboard and his hooded, 3/4mm neoprene Swell wetsuit from  O’Brian, and jumped into an airplane.

However, as soon as he touched the ground, things started to go wrong… the airline had lost his surfboard!

But Michael was determined to go surfing on that day no matter what. He quickly changed into his O’Brian wetsuit, rented a surfboard and hit the waves.

Life was good again.

Or almost…

Out of nowhere, these sharp, intimidating white teeth bit into his right arm. In a matter of milliseconds, his holiday was turning into a nightmare…

But, guess what? It didn’t. Thanks to Michael’s O’Brian Swell wetsuit.

Ok, the shark wasn’t THAT big either. But teeth are teeth and underwater everything looks a lot bigger.

What’s truly important here is that the shark was unable to puncture through the thickness of the wetsuit, leaving Michael unscarred.

While he was being helped out of the water by other surfers, Michael told them: “My O’Brian Swell Wetsuit saved my life, dude!”

Now, this might be a little exaggerated coming from someone who has just been bitten by a shark and is pumping huge loads of adrenaline through his veins, but one thing is for sure – the new Swell wetsuit from O’Brian is probably the toughest wetsuit in the market.

Or let’s just say that no other wetsuit out there has passed the “shark test” like the O’Brian Psycho has.

And by the way, Michael is back home, still surfing every weekend. And dude, does he make sure he wears his Swell O’Brian wetsuit every time!

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