Spanish Content marketing


Looking for a Spanish content marketing expert?

So you know about ‘content marketing’.

And you know how crucial it is for your success in the Spanish market. But you also know how hard it is to find skilled writers, let alone experts who can produce high quality content in Spanish.

I imagine how you are feeling right now. It’s like looking for a needle in a haystack.

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My name is David Perez Hidalgo and I am a copywriter with big-name firm experience and in-depth cultural knowledge. My compelling Spanish content creates a connection with your prospects and builds that all-important confidence in your brand.

I provide the services of a content marketing agency without all the hassle.

You won’t get passed from one project manager to the next; you get a personal, attentive service and unique expertise.

Content marketing focuses on creating and providing useful, meaningful content rather than directly pitching your products and services.


There are three key benefits of a successful content marketing strategy:

Increased sales

Reduced costs

Stronger brand loyalty

When you expand into a new country, like Spain, the ultimate goal is to replicate or even improve on your success at home. Compelling content marketing positions your brand as a leader in your industry, both in terms of search engine rankings and consumer outlook.


But the heart of the whole process is the content itself. Developing a strategy is pointless without the quality content to drive the prospect’s action.


And this is where I can help you.


My Spanish content marketing services include SEO research, planning and implementation to boost your ranking and get you to the top of that results page. I will work with you to develop a strategy, generate quality content, build that all-important credibility and make a lasting impact on the Spanish market.


  • You will be seen as an industry leader in your market.

    I’m not only able to write linguistically impressive texts; I can also create texts that sell, convince and convert. I’ve worked in the translation, marketing and finance industries and my content has made an impact in all of them.

  • You will save money by working with me.

    Having high fixed labour costs is something less and less companies can afford. By working with a motivated specialist freelance copywriter like me, you get a first class, personalized service that is also affordable and flexible.

  • My experience is your guarantee for success. 

    There are many copywriters out there, but most of them don’t really know your industry and many are not even able to understand your product properly. With over 12 years’ experience at big-name firms like IBM, Hertz, Daimler or eBay, you can rest assured that I will understand your brand and will bring your message across in a compelling way.

  • You will save time and effort when working with me. 

    Not only do you need a language professional, but also someone capable of understanding your complex products and services and who does not need to be hand-held throughout the whole process. My experience and studies in finance, marketing and translation will save you time and nerves.

  • Your content will stand out in the Spanish market.

    Knowing languages is not enough, it’s only a start. Having lived and worked in English speaking countries for years, I truly understand the cultural peculiarities of both worlds and know how to make your Spanish blog articles stand out.

Build your credibility through meaningful content and make a lasting impact in the Spanish market. 


Fill out the contact form and start your journey today.