Spanish SEO Translation


Would you like to massively increase your audience by translating your online content into Spanish?


Spanish SEO translation is the answer.


While there can be lots of competition for English keywords, this isn’t always the case in Spanish. Creating separate, SEO optimized content will dramatically increase your chances of success in the Spanish market.

Translating your online marketing materials into Spanish requires an SEO savvy translator who can search for keywords and write the content in a SEO friendly way.

Spanish SEO Translation


My name is David Pérez Hidalgo and I am a Spanish copywriter with big-name firm experience and in-depth cultural knowledge. I translate and optimize for SEO your online content so that you can be found in the Spanish market.

I provide the services of a content marketing agency without all the hassle.

Translating your website and online materials can be very tricky. A bad translation can simply ruin your reputation in that market. And if you don’t consider SEO, you will just not be found.


Spanish SEO translation can help you achieve your online goals in Spain:

Attracting more traffic to your website

Increasing conversions and capturing more leads

Improving your brand perception through localized content

Building a loyal customer base

My SEO knowledge, impeccable Spanish and expert copywriting skills can give you the edge over your competition.

  • You will be seen as an industry leader.

    I’m not only able to write linguistically impressive SEO translations; I can also create translations that fully reflect your brand’s image. I’ve worked in the translation, marketing and finance industries and my content has made an impact in all of them.

  • You will save money by working with me.

    Having high fixed labour costs is something less and less companies can afford. By working with a motivated specialist freelance SEO translator like me, you get a first class personalized service that is also affordable and flexible.

  • My experience is your guarantee for success. 

    There are many translators out there, but many are not able to understand your products and services properly. With over 12 years’ experience at big-name firms like IBM, Hertz, Daimler or eBay, you can rest assured that I will understand your brand and will bring your message across in a compelling way.

  • You will save time and effort when working with me. 

    Not only do you need a language professional, but also someone capable of understanding your complex products and services and who does not need to be hand-held throughout the whole process. My experience and studies in finance, marketing and translation will save you time and nerves.

  • Your SEO translations will stand out in the crowded Spanish market.

    Knowing languages is not enough, it’s only a start. Having lived and worked in English speaking countries for years, I truly understand the cultural peculiarities of both worlds to adapt your translations and make them stand out.

Let a professional translate your online content into Spanish and optimize it for SEO.


Request a free quote today and start tapping into Spain’s huge potential.