Spanish Transcreation


Are your advertising campaigns in Spain not achieving the results you expected?


When dealing with emotional content like advertising, a straight translation can fail in reproducing your message for the Spanish audience. Even worse, it can lead to serious brand damage.

In order to be able to transcreate your marketing messages, you need more than a translator. Ideally, you need an expert linguist who has a deep understanding of marketing and advertising processes.

spanish transcreation


My name is David Pérez Hidalgo and I am a Spanish copywriter and translator with big-name firm experience and in-depth cultural knowledge. I am a business, online marketing and translation graduate with over 12 years’ experience who specializes in transcreating marketing messages into Spanish.

I provide the services of a content marketing and translation agency without all the hassle.

Would you translate a poem the same way you translate a software manual?


Transcreation goes beyond translation. It requires having a thorough understanding of the marketer’s intent, the target audience and the product.


While translation focuses more on the literal text, transcreation concentrates on reproducing the emotional response by the audience in the original language and working to elicit the same response from the audience in the target language.


Transcreation is perfect for the following types of content:

Slogans and tag lines


Advertising campaigns


My marketing and advertising knowledge, impeccable Spanish and expert copywriting skills can give you the edge over your competition when adapting your message to the Spanish market.

  • You will be seen as an industry leader.

    I’m not only able to write linguistically impressive advertising; I can also create ads that sell, convince and convert. I’ve worked in the translation, marketing and finance industries and my content has made an impact in all of them.

  • You will save money by working with me.

    Having high fixed labour costs is something less and less companies can afford. By working with a motivated specialist freelance transcreator like me, you get a first class, personalized service that is also affordable and flexible.

  • My experience is your guarantee for success. 

    Many transcreators are unable to understand your products and services properly. With over 12 years’ experience at big-name firms like IBM, Hertz, Daimler or eBay, you can rest assured that I will understand your brand and will bring your message across in a compelling way.

  • You will save time and effort when working with me. 

    Not only do you need a language professional, but also someone capable of understanding your complex products and services and who does not need to be hand-held throughout the whole process. My experience and studies in finance, marketing and translation will save you time and nerves.

  • Your ads will stand out in the Spanish market.

    Knowing languages is not enough, it’s only a start. Having lived and worked in English speaking countries for years, I truly understand the cultural peculiarities of both worlds and know how to make your ads stand out.

Make sure your brand has the right image in the Spanish market.

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